Enhance your Fitness with Perpetual Motion Crossfit
What is Crossfit?

Utilizing carefully designed high-energy workout maneuvers, Crossfit was developed in various ways to train police, military units, and martial artists, among others. The idea has spawned millions of followers and a fitness movement that has captured the attention of the general public. Hundreds of professional athletes use CrossFit as part of their workout routine and the movement has even generated a nationally televised competition, the CrossFit Games.

The beauty of Crossfit is in its inclusive nature – people of any body type, age or skill level can and do participate in the training. CrossFit continues to introduce people across the globe to exercise and its variety in execution keeps people engaged.

Given its inclusive nature, Crossfit boasts an encouraging atmosphere that welcomes any and all. And Perpetual Fitness embodies that.

Crossfit at Perpetual Motion Crossfit

Perpetual Motion CrossFit consists of small group classes (2-5 athletes) that utilize the CrossFit method of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. We know you will see the benefits of consistent CrossFit activity as we’ve enhanced the quality of life of hundreds of clients through perpetual motion!

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