Strength Training

What is Perpetual Strength Training?
Strength Training at Perpetual Fitness is a weightlifting program developed to increase muscular strength and power output, balance and coordination, and improve weightlifting technique.

Who can benefit from Strength Training?
Everyone! Currently we work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from teenagers to older adults, and from CrossFitters to high school athletes.

We also work with cyclists, runners, and mountain bikers who seek to improve their off season strength and conditioning. These types of athletes benefit from the increased strength and power output, as well as the flexibility gained through weightlifting, preparing themselves to be ahead of the competition when their seasons start.

I have never used barbells or have ever done any kind of weightlifting before, is this program still for me?

Absolutely, the core of this program is teaching the fundamentals of weightlifting. Including how to safely perform each exercise, how to use the equipment safely, how to add weight, and even how you can maximize your results outside the gym. Weightlifting is one of those things that may seem intimidating at first, but in the end is very rewarding both physically and mentally.