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Perpetual Fitness – CrossFit


Back Squat (8 X 5 @ 65%)

One Set Every 1:15


Metcon (Time)

20 min Time Cap:

Option 1.

5 Nordic Hamstring Curls (5s)

50m Run

10 Pistols

100m Run

20 Jump Squat Box Jumps (20/18)

200m Run

40 Switch Lunges

400m Run

80 Air Squats

800m Run

Option 2.

5 Rower Hamstring Curls

50m Run or Row

10 Single Leg 16in Box Squats

100m Run or Row

20 Jump Squats

200m Run or Row

40 Reverse Lunges

400m Run or Row

60 Air Squats

600m Run or Row

Option 3.

5 Hip Pop-Ups

50m Run or Row

10 12in Step Ups

100m Run or Row

20 1/2Jump Squats

200m Run or Row

30 Elevated Lunges

300m Run or Row

40 Air Squats

400m Run or Row


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