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Perpetual Fitness – Perpetual Oxygen


Metcon (Time)

35 min to finish…

1600m Row (200m intervals)

50 DB Squat Cleans

50 DB Push Press

50 Toes to Bar

1200m Row (200m intervals)

40 DB Squat Cleans

40 DB Push Press

40 Toes to Bar

800m Row (200m intervals)

30 DB Squat Cleans

30 DB Push Press

30 Toes to Bar

400m Row (200m intervals)

20 DB Squat Cleans

20 DB Push Press

20 Toes to Bar
Partner WOD:

– Complete the run in intervals of 200ms (one person runs at a time

– Split the reps up however you please

-P1:Working P2: Static Hold (Switch however/whenever you want)

1. Plank

2. Wall Sit

3. Deadhand

4. Handstand Hold


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