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We have THREE birthdays today and two of these ladies are new to the family! They come in every time and crush the WODs, we are GRATEFUL for each one of you ladies!!!

Happy Birthday to the WONDERFUL Bonnie Mazzaro

Happy Birthday to the GREAT Bayleigh Wise

Lastly but not least, one of perpetuals OG’s, Rebecca (Becky) Majestic has a birthday as well! Please wish all these lovely ladies a happy birthday


OK……tomorrow is all about the GOATS.

A goat in crossfit lingo is “weakness” or something you’re “working on.” We all have them.

It is human nature to be drawn towards what we are good at, and that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, building one’s own confidence when taking on any endeavor that is worth its while is absolutely critical–particularly when it comes to fitness.

But there comes a time when you need to get uncomfortable…..

While I’m all for increasing our self-efficacy (the deep-down certainty that you are capable of succeeding in a given task), sticking to only what we are good at is dangerous. In the realm of fitness, focusing only on your strengths will retard your progress–plain and simple.

The best (and only) way to develop confidence is to step outside of your comfort zone. To take a good, hard look at whatever it is that scares you and refuse to let it have any control over you.

Tomorrow we attack our weaknesses! Will every single one of us walk away mastering a weakness after one session? Not a chance. But I guarantee you with commitment, focus, persistence, and world class coaching (you’re welcome) you will leave one step closer than when you walked in.

What is your #1 goat?! What do you want to be better at?!

I have plenty, by my #1 is Ring Muscle-ups! that is what I will be working on tomorrow.

How about you?! Let us know so we can come even better prepared to help you!



12:00 gymnastics skill session


Metcon (No Measure)


1. 3-8 Reps of Gymnastics GOAT

2. 15/12 Cal Bike/Row

3. :50 in Static Hold
Static Hold: plank, side plank, hollow, FLR, wall squat, squat, handstand, chin-up/pull-up, heavy front rack, heavy suitcase, etc.


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