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Squat Clinic tomorrow with Dr. Bill! Depending on who you ask, the squat is either #1 or #2 on any fit pro’s list of most essential and effective exercises. However, when done incorrectly it can also be the most detremental.

This squat clinic is meant to take anyone—beginner to elite—and enhance their performance and ability.

What we’ll be presenting:
-Mobility and strengthening/neuromuscular techniques used by elite institutions.
-Biomechanical Optimization aka uncovering and addressing movement faults you weren’t aware of.
-Addressing pain, recognizing symptoms, and correcting imbalances.

1. Intro to anatomy and biomechanics of the squat and it’s variations
2. Self assessment techniques
3. Exercise instruction and application
4. Re-test assessment
5. Questions

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


100 KBS (52/35 | 35/26 | 18/15)

200 Walking Lunges (150 | 100)

300 SL V-ups (scissor kicks, 2 ct | flutter kicks, 2 ct)

200 Air Squats (150 | 100)

100 DB Cleans (50/35 | 35/20 | 15/12)
1 Partner works while the other partner completes 1 round of the following (then switch):

20 Shoulder Press (65/45 | 45/35 | DB’s)

15 Close-grip Barbell Curls

10 Skull Crushers


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