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Jim “Puddin Pickle Pants”

Perpetual Fitness – Perpetual Oxygen


Metcon (Time)

50 DB Deadlifts (50/35)

50 Suitcase Sit-ups

50 Barbell Curls (65/45)

50 Alternating Hanging Single Leg Raises

50 Pull-ups

*Minimum 5 Unbroken reps to count

*Every 2 min. 15 Burpees
Today’s oxygen class we have a high volume of reps where the reps will only count by hitting atleast 5 unbroken reps for all movements. Also while we are grinding out this metcon, every 2 minutes we are stopping and doing 15 burpees.


Metcon (Time)

We will have about 15-20 minutes again here after our metcon, we have a few options you can choose from to work on!

1.) EMOM 8 (5 Front Squats)

2.) Muscle up Progressions or 5 x 5 strict pulls

3.) Stretch/ROM


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