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Kimmy “Cookie Plum Pants”

Perpetual Fitness – Perpetual Oxygen


Metcon (Time)

*30 Min. Cap

100 calorie row

80 DB front rack squats

60 DB Push press

40 DB box step overs

20 burpee over rower

P1 – work

P2 – run 100m

*Change when runner

Today for our oxygen metcon we are working in pairs! While partner 1 is grinding out the reps partner 2 is running 100m and switching as soon as you return from the 100m. Can also row instead!


Metcon (Time)

Just like monday’s oxygen class you will have about 15 minutes to put in some extra work. We have a few option for you to choose from:

1.) Evil wheels 5×3 as slow as possible.

2.) Stretch/ROM

3.) You can do either the 2k Run or Row from yesterdays WOD


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