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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5x AMRAP 3

1 Bear Complex

Max Rounds of “Cindy” in remaining time.

*Rest 3:00 between rounds. Pick up where you left off each time you get to Cindy.
1 Bear Complex:

7 Unbroken sets of:

1 Power Clean (95/65 | 65/45 | 45/35)

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

*If hands come off the bar or prolonged rest complete 5 lateral burpees over bar.

1 Round of Cindy:

5 Pull-ups | Banded | Jumping
10 Push-ups | Banded | Knees + Band

15 Air Squats


Metcon (No Measure)


3 Rounds

20 Weighted Anchored Ab-mat Sit-ups (35/25 | 25/15 | 15/10)

*Hold 1 DB across chest and anchor feet under 2 DB’s

40 DB Plank Taps


A.DB Incline Bench Press

Set 1: 15 Reps Light with a 2 second to on the concentric (up) and eccentric (down)

Set 2: 3 Reps with a 5 second negative (Down )into 3 fast rep 3 times thru

Set 3: 12 Reps with a 2 second negative

Set 4: 10 Full Reps with a 2 second negative

Set 5: 8 Full Reps with a 2 second negative
Set 6: 6 Reps with a 2 second negative (Down)

B. Incline Bench banded Overhead tricep extensions

Accumulate 100 reps.

Note: You can use the Ezy bar and band or just 2 bands one per arm.


For time:

3000m Row


A. Back Squat

5×3 @ 80-95% of 5RM

*this is a range to be used based on how you’re feeling on this particular day. If you’re feeling hot, load it up. Otherwise take it lighter and focus on good reps.

B. Breathing paused squats

6×3 @ 40% of the weight used for Part A.

*Go into a full back squat with the loaded bar, settle into the bottom, exhale and slowly breath 3 times. Use this time to settle into the bottom. After your third breath explode up. This is going to help to increase the myostatic reflex (stretch reflex) in the bottom of the squat.


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