Perpetual Barbell – Perpetual Fitness – Broadview Heights, OH

Barbell is offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 as well as Sunday mornings at 9. This is a class focusing on the Olympic Lifts and throwing around some heavy weights. We encourage you to give it a try!

What is the purpose of Perpetual Barbell? What gaps does it intend to fill in a participants Fitness?
The purpose of Perpetual Barbell is two-fold: to increase an athletes overall strength while (simultaneously) developing their capacity for performing Olympic lifts. The program is coordinated with the Crossfit daily WOD’s and is intended to be a supplemental program. 

Are there any prerequisites? Who is this class intended for?
A basic understanding of the Olympic movements (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) are required, however athlete’s need not be proficient at the movements—that is, one should at the very least be familiar with what these movements are. The class is for ANY athlete that would like to improve their Olympic lifts and related strengths. 

What is a typical workout like? 
A typical workout will have 3 components:
1. Mobility and Warm-up Accompanied with Technical Instruction – 10 Minutes
2. Priority Strength Component of the Day– 30 minutes
3. Secondary Strength Component of the Day (e.g. accessory and/or technical drills) – 20 minutes
During the week, once class completes, Athletes are encouraged to join the concurrent 6:30pm Crossfit class to CRUSH the MetCon programmed for the day. On Sunday’s, athletes are encouraged to get their Yoga on, which immediately follows the Barbell class.

What benefits can I expect to see?
An athlete that consistently and intentionally attends Perpetual Barbell will ABSOLUTELY become stronger, more powerful, and more efficient not only at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, but all corresponding strength movements such as squats and overhead presses. These improvements will carry over to the daily Crossfit Workouts, contributing to increased performance by means of greater strength, speed, power, coordination, and work capacity.

What is the vibe like? 
Perpetual Barbell work is done at a more deliberate and relaxed pace than one might be accustomed to at our regular CrossFit classes. It is no secret that in order to get stronger, we need to lift heavy—and to lift heavy, we need appropriate rest, review, and instruction between our efforts. You can expect to get lots of this!! For instance, lifts are typically done every 2-3 minutes with complete rest between sets where you can discuss your previous set and prepare for the next. Also, the warm-up period is relatively long simply because as the stronger you get, the longer it takes to work up to the actual weights you will be lifting for the day! 


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