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Perpetual Fitness Athlete Wins 4 State Swimming Titles and Sets 2 State Records


Perpetual Fitness Athlete Takes Over Ohio’s DII State Swimming Championships

If you haven’t met Portia Del Rio Brown, she is the sweet, fun, yet quiet girl in our 5:30AM CrossFit classes. But don’t let her easy-going demeanor fool you–she is an absolute shark in the water!

Portia and her Mother, Maritsa, came to Perpetual Fitness this past December as a Hail Mary (literally and figuratively) attempt to help Portia end her Senior Year with a bang. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! In a few short months, we were able increase Portia’s overall strength and conditioning level, power output, mobility, and what I like to refer to as “Emotional Fitness.”

Although an underdog all season, the talent was always there…we just needed to get her to believe it. She committed fully to the process, and did everything I asked of her. This included waking up shy of 5AM to train with me, additional core work at home, and a series of affirmations/incantations and visualization drills to help solidify her potential and inner-confidence.

The results were remarkable! She eloquently took over the show. Portia swam 4 Events, won 4 State Titles, and set 2 State Records! Additionally, she played a huge role in leading Hawken to their 20th Straight State Title!

200 medley relay: 1st Place (state record!)
200 IM: 1st Place
100 Backstroke: 1st Place
400 Freestyle Relay: 1st Place (state record!)

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