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So, you want to get in shape this year?

What gym should you join?

How many days per week?

Cardio or Strength Training?

How do you do a deadlift?

How many sets and reps?

What’s a clean and jerk?

Will people judge me?

Do I need to get in shape on my own first?

How do I get back to where I was 5 years ago?

These are the most common questions we get. It’s no wonder an overwhelming majority of the US population does not stick with a fitness program for longer than 1 month.

We’ve got you covered! Beginning Monday, January 7th, we are launching our Foundations Program. Perpetual Foundations will consist of small classes (5 people or less) perfect for: People starting or recommitting to a fitness journey, learning/reacclimating yourself with basic barbell exercises, starting at a pace perfect for YOU, learning the principles of a sound fitness program, connecting with fun and likeminded individuals, improving your mindset, crushing 2019!

The goal of Perpetual Foundations is to help people new to CrossFit, or returning to CrossFit, with their integration into the classes by helping them learn the foundations and basics in a controlled setting.

This class will be offered Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm, lasting for 2 weeks each session.

Athletes will purchase a “2 for $22” membership. During those 2 weeks, athletes must complete all 6 Foundations Classes. If a class is missed, they can wait until the following cycle, or pay $60 for a 1-on-1 class.

If an athlete completes all 6 classes in 2 weeks, they will receive a certificate of completion, 50% off 1st month (if contract over 6 months), $50 in retail, and a shaker bottle with a scoop of Driven! 

This is a great way to jump start the new year and a new fitness journey! Click here to reserve your spot.


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