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Everything in life is either growing or dying….there is no staying the same. In fact, in many cases progress (growth) is the gateway to happiness, while feeling stagnant and/or stuck often leads to frustration, confusion, or worse, depression. Fortunately, though, these stages often come right before a major breakthrough or a significant change in your life. The past few months have been one of those stages for me.

When I started this business, I was infatuated with training, human movement, and coaching. This was a great recipe for becoming an excellent coach, but inevitably made for an ill-equipped business owner. I didn’t (still don’t) necessarily care about being a great businessman, but I do care immensely about being able to reach the lives of as many people as possible…and to do that it takes systems, processes, capital, and a team to make the dream a reality. It also requires finding new, better, and more efficient ways to deliver as much value as possible.

Thanks to my mentors, my coaches, and especially my team–Perpetual has made humungous strides in these areas as of late. We are becoming a more efficient machine. This has freed up some of my time, which has allowed me to continue my growth as a professional coach. In the past few short months, it feels like we have made more progress than ever before.

Thanks to the overwhelming responses to the Perpetual Pulse survey, we went straight to work. From your awesome feedback, we have added another really cool class (Perpetual Barbell), new coaches (Melissa and Josh), and added open gym hours and programming on Sundays. We have completely streamlined and enhanced our class experience while also increasing the overall potency of our programming (as evidenced by the crazy PR’s lately!). We’ve begun to add educational content in our member’s page, and very soon plan to implement a new membership add-on and specialized, Custom Programs.

I am so fortunate and grateful for not only my team, but for each of you. You guys not only allow me to have the best job in the world, but more importantly are so supportive, compassionate, and encouraging to one another that it is contagious. On October 6th, we will host our 3rd Annual Athlete Appreciation Party. This is a time for US to not only show our appreciation for YOU, but for all of YOU to celebrate the impact you have had on EACH OTHER. I can’t wait to see you all there!


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