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Skilli Vanilli

Perpetual Fitness – CrossFit

Happy Birthday to one of our newest Perpetual ladies Valerie Shoemaker!!! You have done an amazing job in the short time you have been with us Val, keep up the good work and make it a great one!!!!!


Metcon (Time)

**Teams of 2**

4 Rounds (2 each):

1. 50 1-Arm DB Clean + Jerk (50/35; each side) / Russian Twist w/ plate

2. 60 KB SDHP / 1-Arm Bottoms-up KB Hold

3. 50 HRPU / Overhead Sit-ups

4. 60 Cal Row / Static Lunge Hold
*Partner one will complete a full round of all the movements with assigned reps, while partner 2 completes the paired movement.

For example: Partner 1 completes all 50 1-Arm DB Clean + Jerks, while partner 2 completes as many reps as possible of Russian Twists w/ a plate. Once partner 1 has completes all 50 reps, he/she will move on to KB SDHP, while partner 2 will move to a 1-arm bottoms-up KB Hold. Continue for 1 full round, then switch roles.


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