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First Annual Perpetual Golf Outing Saturday, September 7th @ Royal Crest Golf Club!

Tee-offs will start @ 2PM. 4 Person Scrambles. Some of you have mentioned wanting to go but not being good at golf…..THAT’S 90% OF US! There will be funny prizes for things but overall it’s to just have a great time. If only 1 out of 4 people on your team hits the ball even moderately well you’ll be in good shape!


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Option 1.


400m Run

21 KBS (53/35)

18m Atlas Stone Carry (Largest/Medium)

15 DB Push Press (50/35)

12 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

Option 2.


200m Run or 400m Row

21 KBS (35/26)

18m Atlas Stone Carry (Medium/Smallest)

15 DB Push Press (35/20)

12 Banded Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

Option 3.


100m Run or 200m Row

21 KBS (26/18)

18m Atlas Stone Carry (Smallest/Med Ball)

15 DB Push Press (15/10)

12 Jumping Chest-to-bar Pull-ups


Introducing Perpetual Flex….

Flex is a membership add-on, and will come with some cool features and enhancements such as Tracks. Tracks are Accessory workouts designed to help you crush your individual goals. We will be providing samples of these workouts over the next week or so. Our daily WOD will get you fit AF, no doubt about it. However some of you have specific goals (core, muscle growth (size and/or shape), burn extra cals, or build strength. Whatever it is….there’s a Track for that!

Each Track is designed with a specific purpose in mind, while also complementing the Daily WOD and not interfering with the next day’s WOD. Add just one Track to your Daily workouts, 3x a week, and watch your mind, body, and fitness transform.

3 Additional Reasons to Flex Your Membership W/ Tracks:

1. Raise the Bar on Your Fitness.

We’re only as fit as our weakest link. Often times doing the stuff we love will get us 80% to our goal, however it’s the things that come less naturally to us where the remainder of the results are hiding. If you hone in on these less developed areas via Tracks, your fitness will catapult you to the next level, no doubt.

2. Recovery Days and Time Crunches.

Because you can do whichever Track(s) you please, they’re perfect for the days your body needs a rest from intensity but you still want to move around a bit. Similarly, because each Track can typically be completed in ~20 minutes or less, pop in after a class and hit one of the workouts when you’re in a pinch for time.

3. Tracks can be performed virtually anywhere.

Your work meeting goes late….your child gets sick….you’re traveling….and you’re not able to make it to Perpetual. Have no fear! With Tracks you can still get a great workout in at the gym in your condo complex, basement, or even the cheap hotel gym. The best part? You don’t have to think about what to do on your own, and it’s designed to not interfere with tomorrow’s WOD.

Metcon (No Measure)


3 Rounds:

25 Russian Twist per side

20-second Side Plank Hold per side

15 Side Crunches per side

10 Penguin Crunch per side


A. Barbell Strict Press

6 Sets

1: 15 Reps light

2: 12 Reps with a 3 second negative (Down)

3: 10x Double contraction reps: half rep from the bottom + 1 full rep

4: 8x Double contraction reps: half rep from the top + 1 full rep

5 : 10 Reps Heavy as possible

6: 8 Reps heavy as possible

Notes: Rest 2 minutes between sets. Increase weight each set. Record best weight for 8 reps.

B. 3 Sets

15 Single-arm Banded Delt Raise, each arm (light band)

30 Banded Upright Row


For time:

1600m MB Run

1500m Row


A. Push press


*If you do not already have a 3 rep max in this movement, try to establish by 3rd working set and finish the workout with that weight.

B. Speed Front Squats

10×3 @ ~40% of your front squat max

*Hit depth and explode up as fast as possible.
Side Crunch:

Penguin Crunch:

Strict Press:

Single-arm Banded Delt Raise:

Banded Upright Row:


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