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Trick or Treat

Perpetual Fitness – CrossFit


Floor Press (5×5 @75% of 1rm Tempo: 2 down 2 up)

Floor Press w/ Superset of med ball chest pass from the floor
0:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, 10:00

Superset with 10 rep med ball

chest pass from floor.

Today we have a dynamic strength session. Here we have a floor press supersetted with a med ball chest pass laying flat on the ground. We have a controlled tempo on the floor press. Immediately into

laying on the ground passing the ball from the chest as high as you can, catching the ball on the chest immediately into the next rep. You may work in pairs to control the chest passes.

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

10 OH Barbell Lunge (130/95)

15 TTB

10m HS Walk
We should look to complete all movements unbroken and scaling down the HS walk to a distance that is manageable. Here we want to avoid spending too much time trying to complete the full 10m. Scale to either 20 shoulder taps or a :20 handstand hold.


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