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Happy Birthday to Ann Jenkins! You always bring a smile and positive attitude when you come in for class! We hope you have an amazing day today!

Don’t forget: Cindy for Cindy is Saturday! Help us raise money for the arthritis foundation by sponsoring our athletes! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!


Option 1. Overhead Squats

Option 2. Front Squats

Option 3. Back Squats

Overhead Squat (1×5 @50%, 1×3@60%, 1×1@70%, 1xMAX@75%)

Front Squat (1×5 @50%, 1×3@60%, 1×1@70%, 1xMAX@75%)

Back Squat (1×5 @50%, 1×3@60%, 1×1@70%, 1xMAX@75%)


Metcon (Time)

Option 1.

100 Air Squats

75 Push-Ups

50 Hang Squat Snatch (75/55)

25 Bar-Facing Burpees

Option 2.

80 Air Squats

60 Banded Push-Ups

40 Hang Power Snatch or Hang Squat Clean (75/55)

20 Burpees

Option 3.

60 Air Squats

45 Banded Knee Push-Ups

30 Hang Power Snatch or Hang Power Clean (45/35)

15 Up Downs


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