About Us
What is Perpetual Fitness?

Established in 2015, Perpetual Fitness has quickly become one of the leading CrossFit gyms in the Cleveland/Akron area. Perpetual Fitness teaches the fundamentals of fitness and designs functional workouts that build strength, speed, endurance, stamina, power and coordination. We will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Perpetual recognizes the enhanced quality of life that people who are in good physical condition enjoy and we work with clients to build on or maintain their physical routine.


See What Sets Us Apart from the Rest
New workouts keep you engaged!

We vow to differentiate your workouts. In fact, 90% of the workouts you will execute will not be repeated. And the only reason some will be repeated is to create benchmarks to demonstrate your progress. A set exercise routine yields complacency and at Perpetual, we want you to make significant progress.

We stress proper form and mechanics.

We design our fitness services with safety in mind and make certain that our customers understand proper movement and mechanics. We work with our customers to complete our workouts the right way. At Perpetual, we find your comfort zone and push you within those guardrails but never past your limits.

We teach you the skills to conduct workouts on your own.

Perpetual’s ultimate goal is to teach our clients the fundamentals of fitness so you are able to maintain your regimen independently.

Fitness is hard!

Establishing a consistent fitness program is extremely difficult and we understand. We are here to help guide you through the process and design a program that keeps your interest and delivers result. At Perpetual, we want to eliminate the difficulty and make your workout as comfortable and engaging as possible.