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Perpetual Strength

This program will give you the tools to succeed in life. We will build the foundation and grow a better version of yourself through custom workouts and intense coaching.


Perpetual Power

Whether you want to knock a baseball out of the park, perfect your golf swing or even just run faster, developing strength and power with resistance training can level up your performance.

Perpetual Barbell

You will improve on the Olympic Weightlifting platform as well as in life. Perpetual Barbell will push you to gain better control of you body and improve neurological function by increasing the recruitment of motor units.

Intense Coaching

You will NEVER be left alone or be bored during a workout. You will WANT to workout with our coach. Our coach will motivate you, push you and help you in every step of your fitness journey.

Great Results

Everyone thinks lifting heavy and using a barbell will make you “bulky.” Bulky only happens if you eat bulky! You will see fantastic results, with improved strength, athletic ability, weight loss and a healthier skeletal system.

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