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Happy Birthday to the one and only Melissa Huff! You are such a positive person and bring so much energy and excitement to every class you’re in! We hope you have a birthday as wonderful as you!

Support your favorite Money Heat athletes for Cindy for Cindy! There are two options:
1. A “fixed” amount: eg $50 to athlete John Doe regardless of rounds completed
2. A “variable” amount: eg $5 to Jen Doe per round of Cindy completed

Here’s your current Women’s Money Round lineup:
1. Jaime Boyer:
2. Ann Marie Hicho:
3. Melissa Rains:
4. Giovanna Milano:
5. Keeke Sim:
6. Nikki D’Amico:
7. Lindsey Myslenski:
8. Kim Koltcz:
9. Open (contact to fill)
10. Open (contact to fill)

Here’s your current Men’s Money Round lineup:
1. Nick Roth:
2. Josh Houk:
3. Kenny Patel:
4. Peter Hyland:
5. Jeremy Gleisinger:
6. Open (contact to fill)
7. Open (contact to fill)
8. Open (contact to fill)
9. Open (contact to fill)
10. Open (contact to fill)


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 9(:40/:20): 3 Sets:

– DB Tate Press

– Barbell Skull Crushers

– Banded Tricep Push Downs

2:00 Rest/Transition

EMOM 9(:40/:20): 3 Sets:

– Single Arm KettleBell Floor Press

– Plate Press

– Push-Ups

2:00 Rest/Transition

EMOM 9(:40/:20): 3 Sets:

– Banded Hammer Curl

– Alternating DB High Curl

– Paused Barbell Bicep Curl

2:00 Rest/Transition


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100m Sprints x 10 | 8 | 6

*Rest :30 between sprints


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