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November Member Spotlight


It’s time for another round of Member Spotlights! Each month we are selecting one woman and one man who are standout members!  They possess the core pillars of what we believe in at Perpetual Fitness! They display athleticism, positive mindset and gratitude! 

Ellen joined Perpetual Fitness in March of 2021 and hasn’t looked back since… She is involved in a little bit of everything here at Perpetual and always gives her 110% effort. She completed a 90 day Nutrition 
Program with our Nutrition Coach Danielle and to say she did amazing is an understatement. Ellen has embraced a healthier lifestyle and has seen the results! Her final results were that she lost 8.0 lbs. and 10.0 inches.  Her Body Fat percentage was down by 1.9% and her BMI was down by 1.2.  
In addition to improving her nutrition, fitness is also a top priority. She has attended 83 classes and 38 personal training sessions to continue to work on her individual goals.  She completed her first rope climb and toes to bar.  Ellen’s dedication, willingness to learn and improve make her a true inspiration at Perpetual! 
Great job Ellen!

Our male member spotlight is Atahan Yaya!

Atahan is a top notch member here at Perpetual Fitness. He is a hard worker who seeks out challenges in order to improve his athletic abilities.  He is always quick to offer a helping hand which makes him one of the friendliest guys we know!

He has made great progress in his fitness journey since he joined back in May of 2020! He has attended 244 classes and 9 Personal training sessions! Throughout his time at Perpetual Ata has been consistent in focusing on bettering himself by setting new goals.  Each time he has proven his desire for improvement by reaching his goals and then challenging himself again!  He has completed several skill sessions where he has learned muscle ups, handstand walks and more! He is a true example of what knowledge and persistence can accomplish. In addition to seeking out additional Perpetual resources he has now added our Hybrid Program to his fitness routine.  We can’t wait to see what this next chapter will bring! 

Great job Ata!

Awesome job Ellen and Ata! We are so happy to have you as members of the Perpetual family! Stay tuned for next month’s member spotlight. It might just be you…


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