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Happy Birthday to Deb Osman! The 7:30am class would not be the same without you, and neither would Perpetual! We love having you in classes and working with you! We hope your birthday is as wonderful as you!


Metcon (Time)

**TEAMS OF 2**

40-min Clock:

Part A.

6000m | 4000m | 2000m “Puppy” run or row.

Each partner will run/row a lap (600m | 400m | 200m) with their “pet puppy” …. but the puppy will be growing fast:

First Lap: 15/10 | 10/5 | 5/2.5

Second Lap: 25/15 | 15/10 | 10/5

Third Lap: 35/25 | 25/15 | 15/10

Fourth Lap: 45/35 | 35/25 | 25/15

Fifth Lap: 55/45 | 45/35 | 35/25

*Both partners complete a lap with the assigned weight (puppy!), and then grab a bigger weight for the next round.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Part B.

While one partner is completing their lap, the other partner is doing an AMRAP of:

5 Plate Sit-ups

10 Plate Squats

15 Plate Snatches

10 Plate Lunges

5 Plate Russian Twists, 2 ct
*Use the same weight your partner is running with. Pick up where the other left off upon return.

The workout ends after all 5 rounds of the run have been completed by both partners or when the clock hits 40 minutes, whichever comes first!


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