A Spooky Good Time

Perpetual Fitness – CrossFit

We want to send out a HUGE congratulations to Jay Zunt (10/21) on being with us for 2 YEARS!!

The energy you always bring to the gym every time you are in is unreal and amazing! Everyone feeds off of it and we are grateful to have you Jay ! 2 down MANY more to go!


Metcon (Time)

**TEAMS OF 2 OR 3**

For Time:


Calorie Row

Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Directly Into…



Power Snatches

Round 1 Barbell: 75/55 | 55/35

Round 2 Barbell: 95/65 | 75/55

Round 3 Barbell: 115/80 | 95/65

Round 4 Barbell: 135/95 | 115/80

Round 5 Barbell: 155/105 | 135/95
E2MOM complete 10 jump squats and switch. Complete all reps of the first couplet before moving onto the second.


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