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Happy Birthday to one of the real OG’s Ara Kallibjian !! You certainly bring a lot of energy to the gym and we love having you Ara, you always have fun/positive vibes! Make it a great one!


Squat Clean (Find Your 1 Rep Max!)

**18 Minute Running Clock**

-Less experienced: stay below your projected max, working with light to moderate loads (sets of 2 or 3).

-Experienced: get close to a previous 1RM or establish your new 1RM (+90-100% of 1RM)

-By the 8-10 minute mark, you should be where you want to “start” your heavier attempts…aim for about 3-4 lifts at this point

*between each lift there should be time and thought, getting ready to tackle the next bar!*


Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 12

1st: 15 DUs + 2 squat cleans (215/155)

2nd: :30 max push-ups + :30 plank

*scale DU with :20 DU attempts or 30 Single Unders
Think about your journey, skill, and goals for this MetCon and adjust accordingly (along with input from your coach).

Today is a day where the vast majority of us will need to scale the weight on the clean…thats OK…If we always program for what we have, we will never get what we want!


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