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ATTENTION! New Additions to Perpetual – Perpetual Fitness Broadview Hts


We are pumped to introduce some new additions to Perpetual Fitness! We will now be offering OPEN GYM TIMES along with our normally scheduled classes! These will be SUNDAY: 8-9 AM,  TUESDAY: 4:30 PM, WEDNESDAY: 7:30 PM, and THURSDAY: 4:30 PM. This would be the perfect time to work on your own personal fitness goals. If you need assistance coming up with some goals, let us know. We are also offering CUSTOM PROGRAMS to help improve your Pull-ups, Snatch, and Bench Press.

The Pull-Up Program is designed for any level athlete, whether you can do 10+ strict pull-ups or use band-assistance. This is a 2x/week program for 5 weeks, and will help develop your overall pulling strength as well as your ‘sticking points’ in the movement. Serious Gainz!!

The Snatch Program is designed for the athlete that desires to build their competence and confidence with the most admired lift in all sports! This is a 1x/week, 5 week program that will get you underneath the barbell at record speed!

The Bench Press/Floor Press Program is a 5 week strength training program with 2 sessions per week.  You will need to have a pretty good idea of your current 1 rep max, and will watch it sky rocket in the following weeks! Not just for macho men, this movement is critical for developing the chest and arms that both ladies and guys love, and this “pressing” strength will transfer to MANY other movements we do in the gym!

We also have new APPAREL that will go on sale on June 9th! Styles can be seen in the images below.

Stay tuned in the coming month to learn how to earn free retail dollars! 



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