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“Here, too, a brand-new day is beginning. It could be a day like all the others, or it could be a day remarkable enough in many ways to remain in the memory. In either case, for now, for most people, it is a blank sheet of paper.” –Haruki Murakami


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds for Quality:

10 fast air squats

5 DB Curl + Press

5 DB Burpee

5 DB Bent Over Row (:01 pause at the top)

:15 Hollow Hold (holding the DB @ extension when on the ground)


Weighted Pull-ups (3 Super Sets:)

8 Weighted or Strict pull up

2/2 Turkish Get-ups (53/35; :15 pause at top of each rep)

Classic strength meets Old School Core Development today in our gymnastics/skill session! The TGU is a renowned movement, known for it’s core and stability benefits. Have fun with this!


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3x AMRAP 4

6 Toes to Bar

8 Push-ups

10 Alt Box Step-Ups (24/20)

-Rest 1:00 Between AMRAPs-

**Start from beginning every time and try and match score for each set
3 common movements in an uncommon set-up!

You’re looking to complete 3-ish rounds every AMRAP. Your score is total reps completed at the end of all 3 AMRAPs.


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